Casa dos Ventos is one of the pioneers and the largest developers of renewable energy generation projects in Brazil.
Through technology, innovation and customized solutions, we offer support in energy transition to consumers seeking to achieve sustainable and affordable energy supply.

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best energy

We offer clean, renewable and affordable energy. Count on us to guide you through developing your business in a sustainable, cost-effective and predictable manner.

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Discover our custom made solutions

By analyzing solutions that extend beyond energy, ranging from self-sufficient production to on-site project execution, among others, we are able to offer custom-built models that meet your consumption needs.

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Get to know some cases involving consumer’s in different sectors with varied profiles who adopted our model and became our partners.

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The largest portfolio of renewable projects in Brazil

We’ve carried out the most extensive measurement campaign for renewable energy resources worldwide, and developed the largest wind and solar energy portfolio in Brazil.

Our high-quality portfolio has enabled us to develop one in three wind energy parks currently operating in the country and qualifies us to continue being a benchmark for consumers in search of clean and competitive energy solutions.


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New Perspectives

We know that energy is achieved through a combination of multiple joint efforts, as such, we invest in social initiatives and projects that promote and improve the quality of life in communities where we operate.